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The Elk Grove Charter School is committed to creating individualized educational opportunities for students by combining classroom instruction, independent study instruction, and community and workplace educational experiences. This educational approach is for students who seek an alternative to the traditional classroom-only instructional approach. It is also an alternative to the Elk Grove Unified School District’s comprehensive and continuation high school programs.

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We are currently enrolling for the 2016-17 school year.  For more information, please see our admissions section in the links above.


Charter News


We have had a busy couple of weeks. Our math and science teachers went to a science and technology conference in Southern California and energized and full of great ideas for EGCS. We also had a group of teachers attend a Teen compassion seminar in order to better meet the needs of our students. Lastly, the students participated in the PSAT test this past week. All of that in addition to the day-to-day tasks everyone does is amazing and thank you to everybody for their support and hard work. 


Looking forward, we have spirit week coming up and then our '80s themed Halloween costume contest on 10/31/16. Please no masks and in no clown costumes (not very '80s anyways). We ask for your support on this as we wouldn't want to contribute to the anxiety surrounding clown costumes this year. 


We also have a anti-drug presentation on 10/27/16 and our monthly Students' of the Month lunch with the principal. As usual, this year is moving fast and we'll be to our fall and winter breaks before we know it. Thank you all for your support of EGCS and all the hard work by students, teachers, and the parents/guardians. 


The STEM group had an amazing opportunity to attend the California STEM Conference in October.  Mr. Breakfield, Mr. Anderson, and Mrs. George traveled to Anaheim and had a great time attending classes, playing in the maker space, seeing new educational technology and hearing amazing speakers talk to us about creativity and innovation. 


We are excited to bring back our new knowledge to Elk Grove Charter and implement new ideas to help us build our STEM courses and activities.


Here are some pictures of what we saw and experienced at the conference:




smarter smartboard.JPG
space balloon.JPG
shoe challenge.JPG
sheep info.JPG
sheep hoof.JPG
laser cutter.JPG
light up.JPG



Art classes have been busy making 30 second PSA videos on social justice issues. Students are learning how to shoot video and use video editing software. They are tackling a variety of topics from anti- tobacco to teen suicide prevention. We will be completing the video projects at the end of next week and will be entering them in a variety of contests.


                Red Ribbon Week.jpg

This year's Red Ribbon Week Theme is YOLO. You Only Live Once.....Be Drug Free.


The Leadership Class has created a contest. In order to participate you must create a poster or poem about Drug Awareness. Posters/Poems must be turned in by Friday, 10/28 in order for a chance to win.


Make sure to show your spirit by participating in our Spirit Week! 


Congratulations to our October Students of the Month. Keep up the hard work! 


Abbie F. - Mrs. Mason

Alec B. - Mrs. Goodbrake

Anthony R. - Mrs. Maghoney

Beyonce M. - Ms. Scott

Caraline G. - Mrs. Bains

David O. - Mrs. Van Buren

DeAiron H. - Mr. Pernetti

Grace H. - Mr. Breakfield

Holly D. - Mr. Outman

Jackeline S. - Mrs. Kimes

Jacob P. - Mrs. Maghoney

Laura R. - Mrs. George

Misael C. - Mrs. Rodriguez

Oscar O. - Mrs. Thompson

Paul D. - Mr. Scheeler

Rachel R. - Mr. Brown

Riley C. - Mrs. Gallacher

Teresa M. - Mrs. Wade


Join us Friday, October 28th for our Student of the Month Luncheon.


                               canned food drive poster.jpg

Elk Grove Charter is happy to participate in the Kids Can Food Drive. The drive is from October 8th through November 4th. 


Falcons, bring your cans to your first period class, or ISP teacher. The class with the most cans collected WINS A PIZZA PARTY. Also, each day, the student who brings in the most cans wins a prize!


Last year we collected 300 cans, this year our goal is 600! 

But, we know we can do better than that!


Please keep in mind the following when bringing in cans. 

Food to donate may include:

  • Healthy, non-perishable food
  • Items with intact, un-opened, consume or commercial packaging
  • Items with non-breakable packaging (no glass please)
  • Food within the expiration date on the packaging

The most requested food items are:

  • Canned meats like tuna, chicken, turkey, ham, stew, and chili
  • Canned vegetables
  • Pasta & pasta sauce
  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Healthy cereals
  • Peanut Butter
  • Baby food & baby formula

Thank you for taking a part of this!



October 4, 2016

Dear Elk Grove Unified Families and Staff,


This letter is to inform you that the District is aware of and has been monitoring the recent wave of social media posts warning that clowns would show up at schools threatening to do harm. The District’s Safety and Security Division is aware of the posts and is actively working with law enforcement to investigate. Like other school districts who are in a similar situation, we are monitoring social media and will continue to advise law enforcement of these posts to ensure that they are included in the investigation.


Officials have confirmed that threats are being circulated on a wide basis. Yesterday evening, a post was issued on Instagram that targeted multiple secondary school sites in Elk Grove Unified and Natomas Unified. We have advised law enforcement about these posts. We do not take these threats lightly. These types of actions are disruptive to our school and community. Posting such threats toward a public school is a felony offense. We encourage you to speak with your students about the seriousness of behaviors such as this.


In response, out of an abundance of caution, Security Resource Officers will be actively patrolling all school sites. We also encourage parents and students, “If you see something or know something, say something.” We also suggest that parents have a conversation with your student(s) to not talk to strangers and to encourage him/her to walk with a group of friends directly to and from school using the same path every day. If your child is approached by a stranger, advise him/her to not panic and to run directly to school or home and to report the incident to a trusted adult or school official.


In the event of any suspicious activity, in or around a school site, please contact the Elk Grove Unified School District Safety and Security Division at (916) 686-7786. The safety of our students and staff is a top priority at all of our schools. We are sharing this information with you as part of our ongoing efforts to keep you informed about incidents that affect our campuses.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call your school’s principal.




Christopher R. Hoffman


Elk Grove Unified School District

4 de octubre, 2016


Estimadas Familias y Personal del Distrito Unificado de Elk Grove,


Esta carta es para informarlos que el Distrito tiene conocimiento y está monitoreando la más reciente transmisión de los anuncios publicados en los medios sociales de comunicación que los payasos advierten y amenazan diciendo que ellos se presentarían en las escuelas para hacer daño. La División de Prevención y Seguridad tiene conocimiento de esta publicación y se encuentra activamente trabajando con el departamento de la policía para investigar esa situación. Como muchos otros distritos escolares que se encuentran en la misma situación, nosotros estamos monitoreando los medios de comunicación social y continuamos informando a las autoridades acerca de las publicaciones para que ellos sean incluidos en la investigación.


Las autoridades han confirmado que las amenazas circulan a un nivel extenso. Ayer en la noche, una publicación fue comunicada en Instagram anunciando que ellos habían escogido varias escuelas secundarias de los Distritos Escolares Unificado de Elk Grove y de Natomas. Nosotros hemos informado a los oficiales de la policía acerca de estos anuncios. Nosotros tomamos las amenazas seriamente. Estos tipos de acciones interrumpen nuestras escuelas y nuestra comunidad. Publicando tales amenazas y siendo dirigidas a las escuelas públicas es una ofensa criminal. Nosotros los animamos para que ustedes hablen con sus estudiantes sobre la seriedad de tales comportamientos. 


En respuesta y como una medida de precaución, los Oficiales de Recursos de Seguridad estarán activamente patrullando todos los sitios escolares. Nosotros también animamos a los padres y a los estudiantes, “Si tú ves algo o sabes algo, di algo.” También sugerimos a los padres para que hablen con sus estudiantes acerca de no hablar con extraños y animarlos para que ellos caminen en un grupo de compañeros e irse directamente a la escuela y al hogar en el mismo sendero, y a diario. Si algún desconocido se acerca a su hijo/a, aconséjeles que no se asusten y que corran directamente a la escuela o al hogar y que reporten el incidente a un adulto de confianza o a un oficial escolar. 


En caso de cualquier actividad sospechosa, en o alrededor del sitio escolar, por favor comuníquese con el Departamento de la División  de Prevención y Seguridad del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Elk Grove al (916) 686-7786. La seguridad de nuestros estudiantes y del personal escolar es nuestra primera prioridad en todos nuestros sitios escolares. Nosotros estamos compartiendo esta información  con ustedes como parte de nuestros esfuerzos continuos de mantenerlos informados acerca de los incidentes que afectan nuestras escuelas. Si ustedes tienen cualquier duda o preocupación, por favor no vacilen en comunicarse con el director de su escuela.



Christopher R. Hoffman


Distrito Escolar Unificado de Elk Grove 




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